Visual Arts Portfolio Prep with Nicola

Event Date:

January 16, 2024

Event Time:

6:00 pm

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Beacon Hill Craft Club

In this 8 week course Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of art and how to apply them to their work. They will expand on their creative ability and be coached on how to improve their skills. The visual arts portfolio preparation course will focus on developing a body of work to use towards application to high school arts programs that require a portfolio.

Over the course of this program students will complete a still life, self-portrait, perspective room drawing, and an air-dry clay sculpture to prepare them for display in a portfolio.

This is an intermediate art class for those familiar with the basics of art and who are serious about developing their drawing and painting skills and preparing a portfolio.

All materials are included but Students are also encouraged to bring in any tools and supplies that they enjoy working with.

Ages 11 – 14

Tuesday Evenings 6pm – 8pm


*Please note that we will require a minimum of 4 students to run this program. If this is not met you will be notified in advance and given a full refund.

Hi, my name is Nicola Cirtwill, I’m a 22-year-old artist and graphic designer with a lifelong obsession with art. My mission to become an artist started with auditioning for the Arts Canterbury program and then at NSCAD University where I earned my degree in Design with a focus on illustration. Some of my current favourite art subjects are fairytale creatures, iridescent animals, and pigeons.


Students will learn how to achieve 1-point and 2-point perspectives and practice before choosing a spot in the room to draw for an hour. Find an interesting area to focus on for details, weight/ variation in line for different texture effects. Students will focus on line, space, scale, unity, and movement for the final piece.

3d Art / Sculpture

Students will begin planning and crafting of air-dry clay sculpture structure and basic form. A wire and aluminum foil skeleton will be created and air-dry clay will be sculpted on top of it to give a sturdy structure to work onto. Focus on creating form and texture with different tools and techniques and addition of colour for emphasis and contrast. Students will be coached in the process of making a sculptural object and receive help with proper sculpting technique and constructing the base. Students will focus on scale, visual balance, form, texture, unity, and movement.

Colour Still Life

Starting the colour still lives, sketch out basic composition and values before doing flat colour and tone, working up to full value. Once basic values and forms are determined students will push values and space further, and go in with final details and light and dark values for dramatic emphasis. Students will focus on colour, value, form, balance, unity, and emphasis.

Black and White Self-Portrait

Practice drawing and plotting out the face, and then practice with the mirror and drawing your features. Tweak/ fix the facial features, exaggerate lights and darks to bring out the form, and add any personal features that make students unique. Students will be coached in correct proportion and adding a full range of values. Students will focus on emphasis, value, form, texture, and balance.

Portfolio Creation

Preparing portfolio for submissions and presentations with labels and how to photograph work for online/digital submissions. Students will construct portfolios to take home and display work with labels for presentation and photography.

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